Give 'em Hell, Kid

My name is Devin. Born in 1992, raised in the the (not so) garden State. I love reading, writing, editing, literature, music, and theatre.

I'm awkward and crazy. A good combination< I think.

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More from Pedigree by Georges Simenon, p. 158.
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"Often an Orphan" (1949)
Charlie Dog, Warner Bros.

It’s been a while

So since all my friends stalk my other Tumblr and don’t know about this one. And the people I know about this one kinda suck, I’m gonna use this blog to complain and/or get out what I need to

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Jon Snow Pixel Landscape
Created and submitted by Bryan Martin
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TARDIS Engagement Ring Now a Real Thing
I guess there was concept for a TARDIS engagement ring made before by Pathetic Peripatetic, but now it’s an actual real thing. Complete with ruby and sapphire, you can email Mr. Gino Arizmendi about his beautifully geeky engagement ring.
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A helpful guide.
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A World Within
Created by Hector Mansilla
(via: copiouslygeeky)
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D&amp;D All Nighter available at RedBubble
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“My Life as a Teenage Robot - Dressed to Kill” (2003)
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We have the Hebrew cover for TFiOS, which I am so excited to read. 
The title says אשמת הכוכבים (pronounced eshmat ha’kochavim) which directly translates to Fault of the Stars.
And the little blurb at the top says “near genius”.
Lastly, note that the cover art is a Van Gogh reference. 

Wow! Hebrew!
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“Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic is Running” (1996)